Akhelian Royalty & The Colouring of Eels

I finished my Akhelian King, who is either my general or my general’s undergoon, depending on what mood I’m in any given day when I mess around with army lists.

If seahorses really looked like that, Earth would be much more awesome.

Weirdly, I’ve gone from never wanting to touch my Idoneth Deepkin again once The Tale of Four Wordlords finished to, well, kind of really wanting to paint more of them. I mean, that’s obvious since I did an Akhelian King out of the blue, but you know what I mean. I need to get some Batteline units done, though.

Is the spear good in-game? I don’t care. It’s a spear, and spears are cool.

With the completion of my King, I’m up to 750pts. of Idoneth. Considering my largest painted army before that was four whole drybrushed Blood Claws (almost twenty years ago) which I never even used in a game, I’m counting this as a pretty swish achievement.

In other Deepkin news, I recently rebased my Isharann Tidecaster, but don’t have any decent photos. This process consisted of, um, buying a new Tidecaster purely for her base, then basing her pretty much exactly as before (all swamp-like and fen-ish) like the rest of my army – before painting the aelven statue head she’s standing on as overgrown marble instead of overgrown stone.

Look, I didn’t promise this would be an interesting story.

Anyway, I forgot to get any decent photos of her. Next time.

Right now I’m looking at my first unit of Morrsarr Guard. The Vylathai Enclave’s city is hidden with a Ghurian kelp forest, hence all the green going on their in colour scheme. With the colours I’ve used on my armour, cloth, and the other sea monsters (including the red of my Tidecaster’s summoned oceanic finned snake thing), I’m not sure what colour to paint these eels.

After learning Lessons(TM) doing the King, these lads and this lady will be painted in sub-assembly.

Maybe light green, to blend in with the kelp forest (and the aelves’ cloaks)? That seems like it could be cool, but maybe too samey? Yellow? I’ve not used that much, yet. Pale pink/red, like the box art? That would be a cool contrast.

My bases are very dark, so that’s a factor. Too much darkness and my more talented-at-painting friends start saying words like “composition” and “This is shit, actually” which no one wants to hear.

idoneth deepkin battletome artwork 4
The poor frost sabre getting wrapped by this eel is dying for the noblest of causes: Great Art.
The box art eel-scheme, which is also absolutely ace.

I was thinking of going with light green for the Morrsarr Guard’s eels, to reflect them as the more aggressive/flanking cavalry unit, and their eels as the more camouflaged, common predators in the kelp forests of Ghur. Then I’d save more regal/vibrant/rarer colours for the Ishlaen Guard’s eels, who are in the thick of the fighting more often, and will be the more honoured bodyguards to the King in my army lore.

It feels very aleven that the rarer steeds would go to the more honoured ranks of Akhelian Guards, but I’m not 100% certain yet.

Advice welcome!

6 thoughts on “Akhelian Royalty & The Colouring of Eels

  1. To start off, the Akhelian King is stunning, you’ve done a really great job getting a smooth finish on those large curving surfaces, and the bright colour palette will really stand out as a centrepiece figure.

    I’d suggest maintaining the orange fin colour you’ve gone for on the Deepmare, as it goes really well with the light green, dark teal and bronze of the main scheme, and having it consistent across the Morsarr & Ishlaen guard will help tie them all together.

    Green for the Morsarr guard sounds like a good shout, I love the rich yellow-green you achieved on the Leviadon’s scales and think it’d go great on the Morsarrs’ fangmora – it’d also mean you could go with a blue that (approximately) mixes the Morsarr’s green and Deepmare’s purple for the Ishlaen guard eels, which’d give you a nice visual progression between the three and mean you can maintain the central palette on the riders while still making them each visually distinct.

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  2. The box red eels look great and I think a pale green could work.

    That said, did some googling on eels. There are some sick yellow ones that could really bounce off the green, like this chap here: https://i.imgur.com/rPiTEhu.png Or go for a yellow to green fade using contrast/washes like this obviously fashion forward eel here: https://i.imgur.com/UF4cjP0.png

    You could also mix and match a few colours on them and give them sick racing stripes like this eel: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e8/62/bb/e862bb0c75c78bdc815560746a7221ce.jpg

    I also found this total bit of nightmare fuel while googling this. Why does it have so many teeth? Why??? https://i.imgur.com/LCkp05Z.png

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