The Silent Ruin

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting the last of my Chaswassers. These ones were equipped with two hand weapons to differentiate them from my sword and board unit. As a result, they were a bit easier to paint due to their shields not obscuring part of them.

Chasswassers (3)

This was the last unit in my Slaves to Darkness army, so it’s now officially finished. Well, at least finished until I decide to add some more models to it. I’ve no plans to expand it for the foreseeable future though, so here’s an army shot of everything that I’ve painted for it over the course of 2020.

Silent Ruin

I’m pleased with how things have turned out in a relatively short space of time, and I’m looking forward to getting to use my new army in some games later on this year. If the current situation improves, we’re hoping to get together before the year’s out (possibly sometime in November) to carry on with our Path to Glory. Hopefully things will also evolve into some bigger (and maybe multiplayer) games as well.


On a greener note, now that I’ve got no more Chaos to paint I can get back to painting Orks! Whenever I paint something that isn’t Orks/Destruction I tend to find myself thinking that I’d be better off clearing some of those backlogs instead. I’ve gained a new friendly local gaming store recently though, and they’re hoping to run a Crusade escalation league/campaign for the new 40k. Therefore, I’ll most likely be concentrating on painting up some more Orks for that over the coming months.

I also managed to finish off another two Bad Moon Lootas in between my Chaswassers, so here they are.

Loota (4)

I’m planning to get the last four of them painted next month, and I might attempt to slap on some more dakka to properly convert them to Lootas (instead of just counts as). Once they’re done, I’ll either start on some Shoota Boyz or maybe some Nobz, as I’m planning to go fairly infantry-heavy in my starting Crusade list.

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    1. Thanks! They’re a bit different from my usual horde armies, so it’ll be nice to (hopefully) not have to remove big handfuls of models each turn.

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