For the Greater Gork (or possibly Mork)

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting the last of my Bad Moon Lootas. As you can see, I decided to slap on some more dakka to properly convert their Big Shootas to Deffguns so that I can use them as WYSIWYG Lootas (in my new friendly local gaming store’s upcoming Crusade escalation league/campaign for the new 40k).

The conversions were fairly simple. I just cut off any little bits that were hanging down/sticking out from underneath the main Big Shoota barrel, then added in a looted Tau battlesuit weapon cut to fit (thanks, Ross). I then stuck on some small Orky glyphs to cover up where I’d cut off any tabs, and also added a few handles to the Flamers to give them a bit more detail underneath (to make up for the fact that I had to cut off their fuel tanks to make them fit). I went back and converted my previously painting Lootas as well, so I’ve now got a mob of ten to provide me with some long-ranged dakka.

In hindsight, doing this before undercoating anything would have been a bit easier than cutting up painted models just to add a few gubbinz – but never mind! I also painted one of each of the Assault on Black Reach Nobz (so that I can use them for reference when I get around to batch painting my other 25 Nobz). Their bodies are different, but I picked mostly the same heads to speed things up a little bit. The rest of them have a variety of head/body combos though, so no two are exactly the same.

In the long-term they’ll form up their own Nobz mobs, but when I’m not using them in that way I can borrow a few models to lead my Boyz mobs. It’s good to go green again!

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