Path to Glory

Hello again. Summer has been a bit hectic with work and juggling other things, but I have been steadily painting the last few weeks. My main goal has been to round out the Path to Glory warband with another unit of bestigors as well as thinking about how to expand it afterwards.

The unit of bestigors is not that exciting, in a previous post I showed off the first unit and this one is pretty much a continuation of that theme. Blood Warriors mixed with the bestigor kit. I used the standard from Blood Reavers for this one, and a few bits and bobs from other kits I had laying around.

Somehow, these turned out less exciting than the first one. Perhaps it is because of it being a repeat exercise, perhaps I just lucked out with the first group. I learned a couple of things with how to use greenstuff and get good results, but the paint jobs on these are just not as satisfying. I think this is partly because it felt more like a chore this time around, and I wanted to finish these.

The other model that has kept me busy is a Ghorgon. While I cannot use it in Path to Glory, it can serve as a nice wandering monster for when we play in Ghur and I might fit it into a larger army eventually, when we get to that.

Compared to the bestigors, I love this guy. There were definite moments where I had mixed feelings about if I was ever going to finish painting it and where I was less satisfied with the direction the paint job was going, but in the end, it all just came together in a way that is just satisfying.

The head is from a Stonehorn that with a little bit of effort and greenstuff fitted relatively easy on the Ghorgon model. I tried the Thundertusk head as well, but it looked too imbalanced. Part of me wants to make another and see if I can get that Thundertusk head to work as well, but it also took me way too long to finish painting this monstrosity.

With that however, I finished up everything for my Path to Glory warband. Much later than when I had planned, but when our plans for this year got all jumbled up because of all that is going on in the world, I lost quite a bit of motivation. My current plant is for now to round up my Necromunda warband that I have been steadily chipping away at, and I will try to get a blog post surrounding that up soon as well. After that, I think it is time to expand my Path to Glory warband into something bigger. The Underworlds

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