Godsworn Hunt

(A fairly short post today, as I’ve been fiddling around with my photography set up and I effed up most of the individual model shots, and I‘ll not get an opportunity to reshoot them.)

Hi! My Godsworn Hunt are the first unit I’ve painted up for my Slaves to Darkness army outside of the Start Collecting! box, and I must say they were a joy to paint. I originally bought them just to use as an experiment in painting different skin tones, which is something I’ve been quite weak at in the past, and I’m happy to say it turned out pretty well. I did kinda go over the top with the paint jobs, but painting them over the course of a month it never felt rushed and I didn’t lose interest at any point. They’re definitely the best models I’ve ever painted, so it’s nice to know my skills are still on the up, as it were. I tried to stick to the studio scheme as much as possible, referring to the box photos as closely as I could to help me with shading and placing highlights and so on. I usually overdo skin in particular, so I was cautious to try to emulate the studio style as best as I could. I’m planning to get add some Untamed Beasts to the army, so these guys were a test run for those. I’ll definitely have to simplify the process though, because I couldn’t paint 20 models to this standard in one go (or rather, I wouldn’t want to).

Painting to this level does make me want to focus more on characters and smaller model counts though. I find myself bored when painting the same model more than once, which doesn’t work so well for army building. I might stick more to the small warband games in the future, when I can really pour my effort into one small unit of characters, like this bunch. I wish 40k had Shadespire-like small warbands. Kill Team is the closest thing, but you really just have to buy a unit box and work from there, so you’re basically doing 10 of the same guy, and I’m at the point of my hobby where I couldn’t be arsed with conversions any more. The basic sculpts are great already, and converting is not something I particularly enjoy. It just feels like an extra stage of prep that I have to do before I can get to the painting.

Anyway, I’ll stop moaning. This bunch were really good fun to paint, and I’m super happy with how they turned out. I’m working on a big guy next, and I’ve never really been comfortable painting big models, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can keep up the standard from these guys.

Till next time,

4 thoughts on “Godsworn Hunt

  1. The effort has certainly paid off!

    I know what you mean about painting same over and over. I’ve been slowly catching up on my Underworlds warbands, much nicer to only have to paint a small number of similar minis before moving onto something else.


    1. Thanks!

      Yeah the Underworlds warbands really are a treat. No one in my gaming circle plays that anymore, so I don’t have much of a reason to pick them up, but there are still a few that I’ve got my eye on. I wish I’d held on to my BSF too, caus that’s a treasure trove of great character models.

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