Throwing a Waaagh! Banner in the works

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Bad Moon Shoota Boyz. It’s not as many as I’d have liked to have painted, but I’ve been pretty busy with work and real life recently.

Back in the day, I started my Bad Moon army with five copies of Assault on Black Reach (the best 40k starter set ever), giving me an impressive starting point of one hundred Boyz. As you saw last month, the ten Boyz with Big Shootas became Lootas, leaving me with ninety Slugga Boyz (to arrange into three mobs of thirty).

With them destined to become Bad Moons I wanted all of the dakka, so set about converting them all to Shoota Boyz. There were three different bodies in the Assault on Black Reach set, with two of them (the ones that I painted first) being fairly straightforward arm replacements. The third body however (this one that I’ve just started painting), was a bit more fiddly as its shoulder pads were partly attached to the arms. Rather than attempting to delicately remove the arms (keeping the shoulder pads intact) or putting my incredibly basic green stuff skills to work, I simply just chopped off the arms and decided that they would just have thinner shoulder pads.

So that I wouldn’t just have five Boyz to show for the whole month, I also quickly painted up a Nob with a Waaagh! Banner. It’s mainly made from the Nobz kit with the addition of the banner arm from the Ardboys/Black Orcs kit and the fancy skull and crossbones banner from the Flash Gitz kit. With Bad Moons being the wealthiest of Orks, I decided that they’d probably show off how rich they are with the shiniest of banners. Therefore, I opted to paint the crossbones on the banner gold: because Bad Moons.

I also noticed that my current pot of Agrax Earthshade appears to be rather glossy – despite it not being labelled as the Gloss version. It looks like I’ll have some shinier Orks for a while…

2 thoughts on “Throwing a Waaagh! Banner in the works

    1. Thanks! I’ve had a few Apocalypse games in my time, and I think I once fielded a combinstion of about 6k of Deathskulls and Bad Moons. The biggest issue is transporting everything, as my currently assembled Orks are spread across 8 cases (with my Stompas being loose).


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