Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting several different clans. With it being Orktober I thought that I should have a more holistic month of painting, so mixed things up a bit by returning to some clans that I’ve not painted models for in quite some time (2017 for my Evil Sunz and 2012 for my Deathskulls!).

The Bad Moons are more of the same from last month.

The Evil Sunz model is a relatively new character model.

The Deathskulls Grots are kitbashed from fantasy Gobbos. They were fairly simple to make, with their Moonclan Grot/Night Goblin bodies being kindly donated by Ross and their Cawdor weapons being kindly donated by Sander.

I simply cut off the Moonclan arms at the wrist, and then added the Cawdor pistols. It turns out that scrawny human hands fit quite nicely onto scrawny gobbo wrists. I sprayed them with Halfords Grey Plastic Primer to do the majority of the work for me, and then picked out the few remaining details.

Rather than trying to remove the Bad Moon iconography around their waists, I decided to just paint them blue. Having lucky blue trinkets seems like a very Deathskull thing to do, and it also suggests that they’ve been looting my Bad Moons. As with all of the other Grots in my Deathskulls army, these guys aren’t important enough to be allowed to paint their faces blue like their larger Ork brethren, so they get their dose of luck by quickly dipping their hands in the blue paint when the Orks aren’t looking (probably whilst holding onto their lucky blue trinkets)!

4 thoughts on “Orktober!

  1. Great work. That’s how I made my Bad Moon grots too! For my Snakebite ones I cut the pointed hoods down. I kept the bows but made some of them shooting snakes, like the bad guy in Conan the Barbarian 🙂

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