Here comes the Pain(boy)!

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Grots. Although, I did also manage to squeeze in another Evil Sunz character to break things up a little.

I made a start on some more Bad Moons as well, but I only managed to get as far as the metals and skin – so here’s a WIP shot.

The Painboy lived up to his name, as he was quite a pain to paint with all of the details and various bits getting in the way. He didn’t really have a great deal that I could do in clan colours (such as armour plates), so I opted to leave the multitude of tubes red to tie him in a bit more. He does have a few small armour plates on his shoulder, face and pegleg, but they’re kinda hard to see from the front view.

I attempted to replicate the vials of blood technique from the corresponding issue of White Dwarf, which I think went ok. I also didn’t realise till I re-read it that his Grot Orderly has his mouth stitched shut. I originally just thought that he just had weird teef, so I changed the colours accordingly (from bone to black).

These guys were pretty much the same as last month, although the ones with right-handed pistols were a bit quicker to paint as they didn’t have corresponding close combat weapons in their left hands. They may only be cannon fodder, but I am rather fond of my little blue moon gits.

With all of my Boyz being on their original 25mm bases, I like the fact that the Painboy and last month’s Mekboy stand out a bit more with their newer 32mm bases. After all, Orks are firm believers in the old adage of bigger is better!

2 thoughts on “Here comes the Pain(boy)!

    1. There does seem to be a bit of ‘detail creep’ to go along with the ‘scale creep’ in newer models. I’m glad that my rank and file are fairly simple models!

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