Totem of Gork (or possibly Mork).

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Bad Moon Shoota Boyz, some Deathskull Grots and a piece of terrain for Age of Sigmar.

These five are actually the last of my Bad Moon Shoota Boyz, so that’s three full mobs of thirty that I’ve got now. I’ll grab a picture of the lot of them together at some point down the line. In comparison, the twenty Grots were much quicker to paint; on account of both their smaller stature and their simpler models. That’s all thirty of them painted now as well, so I can have either one big mob or three smaller mobs depending on my army list.

I also had a minor hobby emergency this month as I ran out of Abaddon Black partway through basing my Grots! Thankfully, with GW still taking orders online I managed to re-supply. Rather than checking through all of my paints to see what else I needed replacing (to make up an order big enough for free postage), I opted for a paint set. Looking at the colours that I regularly use, both the 40k and AoS ones contained a similar number of my ‘current’ paints, so the slightly cheaper AoS one won out for me. It also contains a few ‘new’ paints for me, which I’ll try to find a use for down the line. Possibly as basecoats for some of my terrain. Speaking of which…

Despite saying last month that I’ll initially be concentrating on 40k terrain, I actually painted an Age of Sigmar piece instead! The main reason for this is that I managed to acquire a (long out of print) Forge World Orc Totem from eBay. I’ve been after one of these for quite some time, and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to pay through the nose for it. Given its relatively small size, I thought that it would be a quick win – so promptly painted it up over a couple of evenings.

In terms of using it as a terrain piece in game, it doesn’t really block line of sight or provide a cover save, but it does look rather cool. I might use it as an objective marker instead, or maybe substitute it in for the special terrain features in certain battleplans.


If you’re joining in with White Dwarf’s 2021 Hobby Bingo (#WhiteDwarf, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity), here’s how I’ve fared this month:
5 x Any model (5 x Bad Moon Boyz)
1 x Fortification or Scenery (1 x Orc Totem)
2 x Unit of 10+ models (2 x 10 Deathskull Grots)

4 thoughts on “Totem of Gork (or possibly Mork).

    1. Cheers! I’m tempted to keep my eye out for one or two more, to use as objective markers (or just to mark my territory).


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