I love a good scrap (pile).

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Ardboys and Ork scrap piles.

After missing my goal for last year to finish off all of my Ironjawz models, I thought that it’s about time that I got back to my Beast Bashas – having last painted some over two years ago! With them being mostly armour (and basecoated in that colour) they were still reasonably quick to paint, but I enjoyed the change of pace compared to speeding through my Moonclan Grots.

The Ork scrap piles are from the Mekboy Workshop kit that came out alongside the Speed Freeks box a few years ago. I bought a copy of Speed Freeks too, but I donated the terrain sprues that came in the box to the Aaronorium, so they’ll no doubt eventually show up in our 40k/Necromunda games over there.

I pondered for some time how to best paint things to represent my (many) Ork armies before settling on an answer. The official colour scheme has recognisable pieces of Orky scrap being either yellow or red to match the clans painted for Speed Freeks, with the odd piece of Imperial scrap being green. With me having large Deathskulls, Bad Moons and Evil Sunz armies at the moment, and planning to add some Blood Axes down the line, I’ve potentially got a lot of different colours to incorporate (blue, yellow, red and green respectively). Throwing a blue and potentially another green into the official mix seemed excessive, so I needed to dial things down a notch in terms of colour.

I then considered painting things to match my collection – so any flyer scrap would be blue for my Deathskulls, any walker scrap would be yellow for my Bad Moons and any buggy scrap would be red for my Evil Sunz. There isn’t any noticeable walker scrap on the pieces however, and I imagine that the flyer scrap is actually meant to be Scrapjet scrap. Therefore, maybe all of the Orky scrap should just be treated as buggy scrap and painted red? Alternatively, as I’ve not actually built my Speed Freeks buggies yet maybe I could re-assign them from Evil Sunz to Deathskulls and just paint all of the scrap blue instead?

The original terrain pieces in the Gorkamorka books (as well as the terrain pieces by Grand Warlord Adi Wood in White Dwarf) were mostly metals and greens, and I think they looked great. They weren’t tied to any particular faction or clan, and didn’t distract you too much from the actual models/vehicles in pictures. Yet another point of reference is the Dawn of War computer game, which has Warlord Gorgutz’ buildings with Evil Sunz red details.

So many possibilities!

In the end, I opted for a mixture of the original Gorkamorka style (metals and greens) crossed with the Dawn of War style (red details). Once I’d decided how I was going to paint things, I checked through my old White Dwarfs for colour schemes. Most of the Sector Mechanicus schemes looked suitable, but used a lot of washes – which could end up being expensive and time-consuming. I then turned to the internet and found several examples of ‘terrain without washes‘, so I opted to give that a go. Here’s my recipe:

All over:
Chaos Black [spray]
Mournfang Brown [drybrush]
-Hashut Copper [just the corrugated sheets, pipes and cogs]
-Warplock Bronze [just the nuts and bolts]
Necron Compound [drybrush]
-Agrax Earthshade [just the corrugated sheets]
-Nuln Oil [just the corrugated sheets]
-Screaming Bell [drybrush, just the corrugated sheets]

Orky scrap:
Mephiston Red
Agrax Earthshade
Evil Sunz Scarlet [drybrush]
Wild Rider Red [drybrush]

Imperial scrap:
Castellan Green
Nuln Oil
Elysian Green [drybrush]

Aquilas/yellow details:
Averland Sunset
Seraphim Sepia
Screaming Skull [drybrush]

Tyres and wires:
Abaddon Black
Nuln Oil

I used a few washes in the end for the details, but the vast majority of things were just drybrushed. For all of the drybrushing I simply used a variety of cheap art & craft paintbrushes from my local supermarket (in this case, about £3 for 10 at Tesco). They performed admirably for terrain work, so I might also use them for larger models and vehicles in the future. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results, especially given how quick/easy they were to paint. I’ve definitely caught the terrain painting bug, so hopefully future months will be as productive as this one.


If you’re joining in with White Dwarf’s 2021 Hobby Bingo (#WhiteDwarf, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity), here’s how I’ve fared this month:
1 Fortification or Scenery (Ork scrap piles)
1 Unit of 10+ models (10 Ironjawz Ardboys)

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