The klaw is our master!

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting more Grots and a Mekboy Workshop.

I finished off the base for last month’s Grot, as well as painting my other two looted Grots. I might add to my Blood Axes over the course of the year, as I’ve got a rough idea for their background. Basically, my Orky terrain will consist of several Imperial structures which my Blood Axes will have taken over. Most of the actual Orks will be busy out and about expanding their territory, so my army will be mostly made up of the Grots (and Grot Tanks) that the Blood Axe Warboss has left behind to defend the looted city. My Blood Axes will eventually have green armour plates to tie them in with my green Ryza Ruins. It makes sense that Grots would be a bit smarter than Orks when it comes to choosing camouflage, and they’re notoriously good at hiding, so green tanks to hide in a green city is the way to go.

The Mekboy Workshop is a bit like a bigger Ork scrap pile/barricade in terms of painting, although I kept it in lots of sub-assemblies for ease of access. So far, I’ve managed to paint the klaw (ooooh!), a support girder and all of the various tools. There was a lot of detail (especially for terrain), but I’m happy with how things have turned out. Hopefully I’ll managed to get the walls (which are also super detailed) painted next month to finish it off.


If you’re joining in with White Dwarf’s 2021 Hobby Bingo (#WhiteDwarf, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity), here’s how I’ve fared this month:
1 Kitbashed model (Blood Axe Grot)

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