Beast Snagga bonus round!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some Beast Snaggas. As with the Kruleboyz from Dominion, I wanted to try out a new, quicker colour scheme and a new sub-faction seemed like the perfect opportunity. I wanted to try things out on both an Ork and a Squig, so I opted to build the Nob on Smasha Squig. I couldn’t resist building the Bomb Squig at the same time, so I painted that up too for good measure.

#PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity

My colour scheme is loosely based on the Morkers from Gorkamorka, so lots of browns and bare metal with some yellow spot colours on any glyphs/dags. I sprayed them with Death Guard Green followed by a quick zenithal highlight of Halfords Grey Plastic Primer, holding the can high above the models at a slight angle. After that, I picked out the non-skin colours and then gave everything a wash.

Here’s my recipe, for anyone who’s interested:

Skin: Death Guard Green
Light straps: Rakarth Flesh
Dark straps: Abaddon Black
Cloth: Steel Legion Drab
Pelts: Mournfang Brown
Fur: Tallarn Sand
Metals: Leadbelcher and Retributor Gold
Teef: Zandri Dust
Glyphs/dags: Averland Sunset
Explosives: Mephiston Red

Skin: Biel-Tan Green (two coats for the Squigs)
Everything else: Agrax Earthshade

Zandri Dust
Agrax Earthshade [rocks only]
Screaming Skull [all over drybrush]
Pallid Wych Flesh [lighter drybrush]
Abaddon Black [rims]

I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out, and painting the Squigs green with washes saved me a lot of time. I’ve always painted my 40k Squigs in green, as in my mind even regular Squigs are just tiny Squiggoths (which are ‘officially’ green anyway). They all come from the same fungoid source as Orks, Grots and Snots, so it makes sense to me at least. It just means that they might not be quite as fast as other Squigs…

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