Head for the barricades 2: Resin Bugaloo!

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting more Ork barricades. In addition to my Dominion and Beast Snagga detours, that is.

These resin Ork barricades are a set that came out alongside the release of Assault on Black Reach (5th edition 40k) back in 2008. I stuck to roughly the same colour scheme as my other barricades, which is a mixture of the original Gorkamorka style (metals and greens) crossed with the Dawn of War style (red details).

The main difference with the plastic models is that the resin models have ‘bases’ that need painting, whereas the plastic models are mostly just scrap that can sit on any battlefield. I just painted the ‘bases’ the same desert colour as my 40k Orks though, seeing as though it’s their home turf. It also provides a nice bit of contrast to the darker metals on the pieces.

Keeping the same ‘Imperial bits = green’ theme of my other terrain, I painted any Space Marine bits as Dark Angels and any Imperial Guard guns/helmets as Cadians. These are obviously more front-line barricades, as the bodies have been piling up compared to the ‘cleaner’ ones back at the Mekboy Workshop!

Suffice to say, I’m incredibly excited for the new Kill Team boxed set, and will be painting up the Orky terrain within it sooner rather than later. Watch this space!

I also painted a Stormcast Eternal (le gasp!) for another local painting competition.

I opted to go for something a little different, so I swapped the stock head and weapon for alternatives from the Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards kit (or Bright Wizard bits, if you want to be a bit less wordy). I decided to go for a spoopy ghost/Green Knight vibe, so I painted it in a similar way to my Waaagh! magic but with yellow washes for the iconography and a purple wash for the flaming sword to help them stand out.


If you’re joining in with White Dwarf’s 2021 Hobby Bingo (#WhiteDwarf, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity), here’s how I’ve fared this month:
1 Hero or Character (Nob on Smasha Squig)

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