Well oil be damned!

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Kill Team terrain. I managed to assemble and basecoat all of the new buildings, then made a start on painting a pair of Ramshackle Walls and the Oil Pump before concentrating on getting the Oil Pump finished in time for the start of Orktober.

I stuck to roughly the same colour scheme as my other Orky terrain, which is a mixture of the original Gorkamorka style (metals and greens) crossed with the Dawn of War style (red details).

Speaking of Dawn of War, my original terrain plan (which I’ve had for several years) was to build enough terrain for an Orky battlefield based on the buildings in the original Dawn of War game. This Oil Pump very neatly ticks the Bigga Generator box, and the Big’ed Bossbunka looks rather like an upgraded Listenin’ Post to me. The Ramshackle Walls would also be a good fit for a Boyz Hut and a Settlement/Orky Fort (depending upon their configuration).

Once I’ve got all of the Kill Team terrain painted up as is, I might still have a go at kitbashing the missing Dawn of War buildings such as a Waaagh! Banner and a Pile O Gunz! I’ve certainly got a plentiful Orky bitz box to draw upon, and I also stocked up on some crafty supplies a while back (lollipop sticks, matchsticks, car mesh, corrugated card and the like).

I also painted up a single Deffkopta for my Deathskulls. Back in the previous Ork Codex(es), Deffkoptas were a 1-5 choice so I made myself a unit of 5. They’ve changed to a 3-6 choice in the latest Codex however, so I ‘needed’ another Deffkopta so that I wouldn’t be punished when using Power Ratings. I painted my original Deffkoptas over a decade ago using the previous paint range, so this one is slightly different. I’ll probably use it as an informal mob leader though, so it’s all good.


If you’re joining in with White Dwarf’s 2021 Hobby Bingo (#WhiteDwarf, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity), here’s how I’ve fared this month:
0 I should have saved some of my earlier models for ‘quieter’ months like this one, but never mind!

3 thoughts on “Well oil be damned!

    1. Thanks! I really quite enjoy the brown/silver drybrushing part. It’s such a transformation from the black undercoat.


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