Stirring up trouble.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Kruleboyz and some 40k terrain.

It may only be the first month of the year, but so far I’ve managed to stick to painting models from my list of 2022 goals. The Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot were a bit more fiddly than last month’s Killaboss and Stab-grot; the main reason being that they’ve both got considerably more detail with all of their little trinkets hanging from their staff/backpacks (the Shaman’s skull is technically a backpack, right?). I painted the potions the same way as the poison on my Hobgrot’s blade, and I’m really pleased with how things turned out. I also gave several of the Pot-grot’s ‘ingredients’ a purple wash to make them stand out a bit more (and look a bit more sinister in the process).

The Ramshackle Wall from the Kill Team Octarius box was painted in the same way as the Oil Pump. There was a lot more green and red on this piece, but as with the rest of my Orky terrain it should hopefully be generic enough to fit with any clan. It may be ever so slightly leaning in an Evil Sunz direction due to the amount of red, but they’ve usually got the most vehicles (and therefore scrap) so it makes sense to me at least.

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