Krulety and the Beast

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Kruleboyz.

Having fully assembled my Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, there were a fair few hard to reach areas. I think that I just about managed to get everywhere painted however, so the largest of my Kruleboyz is now finished. The Gnashtoof itself was simply a wash of Druchii Violet over the Death Guard Green basecoat/Halfords Grey Primer zenithal highlight (and over the Genestealer Purple tufts of hair), so I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

The Hobgrot Slittaz by comparison were much quicker and easier to paint! My house is a building site at the moment so I didn’t manage to get them all finished like I’d hoped, but I should be able to finish them next month and then I can make a start on something else…

4 thoughts on “Krulety and the Beast

    1. I’ve not played it for a while, but I’m looking forward to getting some 3rd edition games in.


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