Feeling (Hob)grotty

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting some Kruleboyz, but also re-painting a few bits and pieces on some other Orruks.

My house is still a building site so I still didn’t manage to get the last of my Hobgrots finished, but at least I’ve only got ten left to go after these five…

Whilst I’ve not had as much opportunity to paint recently, I have had plenty of time to plot and scheme. I was looking over some of my other Orruk models and I noticed a few colours that I felt needed updating, so as a bit of a palette-cleanser from my Kruleboyz I decided to give some of my older characters a bit of a makeover.

First up were my classic ‘limited edition’ metal models. Since I first painted them the regular Greenskinz faction has gone the way of the Squats (prior to April, that is…), so as a result they’d been left homeless. I’ve now decided that they’ll count as a pair of Warchanters, so I re-painted their skin darker to match the rest of my Ironjawz (and they stand out much better against their light green armour now).

I also re-painted Grumlok’s severed head trophy from pink to a mid green (so it looks like he’s killed a Kruleboyz boss) and re-painted Jawbog’s loincloth from pink to a light purple (which will match my Troggoths when I finally get around to them).

Next up were my other classic metal models which were also originally going to be Greenskinz. I did decide that these were going to be Bonesplitterz, but painted them with the same dark skin as my Ironjawz. I’ve since decided that I’m going to paint my Bonesplitterz the same as my 40k Orks, so I re-painted their skin lighter than that of my Ironjawz.

I also re-painted the Raiders’ stolen books from teal to red (for a ‘fancy, leather-bound magical tome’ look) and re-painted the Squig Hound’s ‘hair’ from light green to a light purple (because I wasn’t really a fan of the green).

I’m really happy with how these how all turned out, and it’s nice to have some better pictures of them taken with my new setup as well. I also want to go through my Ardboys and Brutes and change their furs from teal to purple, but that’s a job for next time…

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