They have a Cave Troll

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting a Sourbreath Troggoth. Well, technically it’s an old Slugdrool the Troll from the Battle For Skull Pass starter set, but it’ll do just fine as a tester model for the Troggoth contingent of my Gloomspite Gitz army.

Some of the gang decided to paint up some new models based in Shyish (the Realm of Death), so I opted to join in by finally getting around to painting up some of the Troggoths that have been sitting on my shelves for quite some time.

Having used Agrax Earthshade for the majority of colours on the majority of my Age of Sigmar models so far, I felt like a change was needed. All of my current Gloomspite Gitz models either have purple robes (Grots) or purple skin (Squigs), so it was a fairly simple choice in the end. Apparently purple is also Nagash’s favourite colour. I still had a few pots of Druchii Violet left over from an old Drukhari army as well, so I had plenty of supplies!

For the bases I took inspiration from this video, substituting in similar colours that I already owned to save myself both some money and a trip into town.

Here’s my recipe, for anyone who’s interested:

Troggoth scales: Xereus Purple
Troggoth skin: Genestealer Purple
Troggoth belly: Rakarth Flesh
Teef/Bones: Karak Stone
Cloth: Abaddon Black
Silver: Leadbelcher
Gold: Retributor Gold
Sandstone: Zandri Dust
Eyes: Averland Sunset

Troggoth scales/skin/belly: Druchii Violet
Teef/Bones: Reikland Fleshshade
Cloth/Silver: Nuln Oil
Gold/Sandstone/Eyes: Agrax Earthshade

Troggoth scales/skin: Genestealer Purple [drybrush]
Troggoth belly: Pallid Wych Flesh [drybrush]
Teef/Bones: Screaming Skull
Cloth: Eshin Grey
Silver/Gold: Ironbreaker
Sandstone: Ushabti Bone then Screaming Skull [drybrushes]
Eyes: Yriel Yellow

Eshin Grey
Nuln Oil
Nighthaunt Gloom – Technical [around base details whilst Nuln Oil still wet]
Rakarth Flesh [drybrush]
Pallid Wych Flesh [drybrush]
Nuln Oil [over lighter areas]
Abaddon Black [rims]

I also painted another half dozen of my Hobgrots, so I’ve only got four left to go now. After my initial joy at getting a new Age of Sigmar starter set full of new Orruk models my enthusiasm for painting them dropped sharply due to how fiddly and detailed they are. Even the rank and file Hobgrots and Gutrippas have got loads of straps and stitches dotted all over them, and several were hard to reach due to the dynamic poses and assemblies that seem to be the norm with newer kits.

I’ll power through the last four next month, but to be honest I’ll be glad when they’re finally finished so that I can concentrate on my Troggoths. I really enjoyed painting this one, and I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest and get some Shyish-based (literally) gaming in.

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