Goodbye, Krule World

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been re-painting Ardboys. I also finally finished the last of my Kruleboyz.

I had a bit of a moan last month about how fiddly and detailed they are, but I think I’ve found another reason why I dislike them (compared to the classic Brian Nelson sculpts). In my opinion, their teef are just far too weedy! Even some of my Moonclan Grots would give them a run for their money (teef?) in the gnashers department.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re great models; but they’re not the Orruks for me. Once I’ve finished my Ironjawz I’ll be adding some Bonesplitterz to bolster my Orruk ranks. If that makes me ‘old school, then so be it.

As previously mentioned, I went through my Ardboys and changed their furs from teal to purple. It’s a minor change, but I think they look better now. They’re the Beast Bashas warclan after all, and most of the ‘beasts’ that I’ve painted so far are purple, so it makes more sense. I initially painted them teal to match the Stormcast’s various Gryphs and Aetherwings, but taking trophies from bigger/meaner beasts (like Squigs and Troggoths) seems like the more Orruk-y thing to do.

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