And they were all yellow.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month I have mostly been painting Bad Moons. I still need to neaten them up a bit and paint their base rims, but they’re pretty much finished.

The Nobz are some more of my Black Reach models that I made a start on almost two years ago. I actually used them in a game recently and was quite impressed with their survivability and damage output, especially when accompanied by my Warboss.

Around the same time that I last painted some Nobz, I also kitbashed 10 Lootas for my Bad Moons. In the current Codex however, you now need 1 Spanner (mini-Mek) for every 4 Lootas. Therefore, my 2 kitbashed Meks now count as Spanners and I kitbashed another Spanner and 2 Lootas to take me up to the max mob size of 15 (with a legal unit composition). Hurrah!

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