Who we are

“What’s an Aaronorium?” I hear you ask. Good question! Well, a few years ago a gang of n’er-do-wells got together to convert a dusty old farm building into a home office and games room for the first of our dramatis personae, acclaimed wordsman Aaron Dembski-Bowden, and at some point along the way it got christened The Aaronorium. Despite Aaron’s best efforts to shake off the title, we haven’t yet come up with a better one, and now it sprouts a new limb in the form of this auspicious blog.

The people of the Aaronorium are a motley collection of all sorts of wonderful folks who share their hobby progress and get together for semi-regular gaming weekends. The four of us on this blog are Aaron, Colin, Mark and Ross, and you can find out a little about us and our respective hobby histories in our opening blog posts.

We’re going to use this blog as a Tale of Four Painters-esque group project aimed at getting us painting to some sort of a schedule. Colin’s a painting machine, with enough Orks to conquer Armageddon, and a (not-so) healthy collection of Nurgle’s children, but Aaron, Mark and Ross are in dire need of some public accountability to get us going!

Our initial plan for the blog is to spend the first six months working on our respective Age of Sigmar armies, and then moving on to something else. The main drive of the first six months will be AoS, but that’s not to say there won’t be the odd post about the other bits and pieces we’re working on in the background.

Each of us will try to post weekly updates on our progress, which should mean that you’ll get plenty of content to follow along with. In addition, we’re planning on getting some guests from the Aaronorium (and perhaps further afield) to share their work and talk about their hobby, so stayed tuned for those posts.

While we’ll be primarily focussing on hobby posts and using this blog as a way to motivate ourselves to get painting, we’ll also be posting battle reports, army fiction, our thoughts on the hobby, and anything else that feels relevant. And of course, if you’ve got any suggestions or there’s anything you’d like to see, don’t be shy, give us a shout!

Welcome to Tales from the Aaronorium!


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