City of the Sun

Just a brief update today. Just one little teeny-tiny question. Ever mess around with paint schemes & finish a mini in colours you don’t exactly love, but it was so much effort that you go “Well, this is my colour scheme now.” ? Asking for a friend. Called Aaron. Who’s looking at his finished Barak-Zon […]

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The Sec-Mec Progress Check

It’s Tuesday on the blog, so it’s me again. Me, Ross, and Doctor Mark have played a bit of Underworlds: Shadespire lately. Ross already had a fair bit of experience under his belt – as you may remember from his Sepulchral Guard – but Dr. Mark and I have fallen in love with it, too. […]

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I Didn’t Die!

Look at how low-res Duncan is, right there. Anyway, I got my blood test results back, and then I had to do more tests, and then I got those results back, too. And the endgame from all those results? The thrilling conclusion? Basically nothing. Or, as my doctor phrased it, “not much of anything.”  I […]

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Blood for the Blood Test

My doctor and I are coming at the tremors issue from significantly different angles. He wants to be reassuring, he sees it as no big deal, and repeats that it’s almost definitely nothing serious. This is great! But it’s in this moment I realise I’ve not been worrying about Something Serious. I’ve been worrying about […]

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Tremors (the Bad Kind)

I’ve had a weird week. For a few months I’ve had a very, very faint tremor in my jaw, only really noticeable when I was in bed, and it was such a fluttery, tiny thing that I mostly thought I was imagining it. There was also a faint quiver in my thumbs when I’d swipe […]

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