Winging it…

Well hello there! Another week has flown by, and (inspired by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites) I’ve actually managed to maintain hobby progress, putting the finishing touches to my Skirmish warband. This week has seen my Knight Venator conversion completed, and I’m now at the stage where all that’s needed is to put paint […]

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Tremors (the Bad Kind)

I’ve had a weird week. For a few months I’ve had a very, very faint tremor in my jaw, only really noticeable when I was in bed, and it was such a fluttery, tiny thing that I mostly thought I was imagining it. There was also a faint quiver in my thumbs when I’d swipe […]

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Hail, and well met! As mentioned in the previous instalment, my Stormcast army is themed around a Vanguard Chamber force, with as many Gryph- and winged creatures as possible. Based on our collective plan to start with a small Skirmish force with a 35 point limit, and based on my theme, I’ve opted for a […]

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Tooth, Beak and Claw

Spurred on by the progress of fellow Aaronoriumites (Please note: this term is now totally a thing) I have actually slapped plastic glue to miniature! Sweet, sweet hobby progress! Now I have to confess…When Age of Sigmar first popped up I was not a fan of the Stormcast Eternals. I’m usually a fan of all […]

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