The Silent Ruin

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting the last of my Chaswassers. These ones were equipped with two hand weapons to differentiate them from my sword and board unit. As a result, they were a bit easier to paint due to their shields not obscuring part of them. This was the last […]

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Fresh meat

I like 40k. It is one of my favourite fictional settings, I’ve recently joined a Wrath and Glory pen and paper game and a good portion of the books on my shelves at home are Warhammer 40k related. That said, I am not a big fan of the game itself. In the Aaronorium we have […]

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Blood and skulls

Back in December I was over in the Aaronorium and talked about plans for 2020. I had been thinking about doing something with Beasts of Chaos and Slaanesh for a while now and decided that I would start with it in 2020. I picked up the Battletome and spend the next few days planning armies. […]

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City of the Sun

Just a brief update today. Just one little teeny-tiny question. Ever mess around with paint schemes & finish a mini in colours you don’t exactly love, but it was so much effort that you go “Well, this is my colour scheme now.” ? Asking for a friend. Called Aaron. Who’s looking at his finished Barak-Zon […]

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Gol Rathir – the lore

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been collating the lore behind our map. The four of us have bandied about plenty of lore over the past couple of years, so I’ve tried my best to match things up to the locations that are now established on our map. I quickly used Paint 3D […]

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The Scenic Route

For the last month or so – in fact since whenever it was that I painted those Thorns of the Briar Queen – I’ve been painting scenery. So much scenery. We had a bunch of friends over for a Kill Team weekend a couple of weeks back, so I wanted to get enough Zone Mortalis […]

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