Dominion bonus round!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some Kruleboyz. I wanted to get some Kruleboyz painted as soon as I got my copy of the Dominion box, so I thought I’d put together an extra post to share them with the world sooner rather than later. #NewAoS, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity I must admit […]

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I love a good scrap (pile).

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Ardboys and Ork scrap piles. After missing my goal for last year to finish off all of my Ironjawz models, I thought that it’s about time that I got back to my Beast Bashas – having last painted some over two years ago! With them […]

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Godsworn Hunt

(A fairly short post today, as I’ve been fiddling around with my photography set up and I effed up most of the individual model shots, and I‘ll not get an opportunity to reshoot them.) Hi! My Godsworn Hunt are the first unit I’ve painted up for my Slaves to Darkness army outside of the Start […]

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Path to Glory

Hello again. Summer has been a bit hectic with work and juggling other things, but I have been steadily painting the last few weeks. My main goal has been to round out the Path to Glory warband with another unit of bestigors as well as thinking about how to expand it afterwards. The unit of […]

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The Silent Ruin

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting the last of my Chaswassers. These ones were equipped with two hand weapons to differentiate them from my sword and board unit. As a result, they were a bit easier to paint due to their shields not obscuring part of them. This was the last […]

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Chaos Warriors 2

Well I’ve finally finished them, four months later! The lockdown pretty much put the kibosh on my hobbying for the past however-long-it’s-been. I have a firm rule that I’ll only paint something if I know I’m going to use it, and with no-one leaving their houses I obviously wasn’t going to be playing any Warhammer. But […]

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Hardcore Spawn.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Chaos Spawn. Well, the spare pair of Gorebeasts from last month’s Chaos Chariots to count as Chaos Spawn! They’re a similar size, so I cut off their reins and stuck them onto some spare 50mm bases and they were good to go. I figure that […]

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Chariots of ire.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Chaos Chariots. These guys were fairly similar to last month’s Knights, so I mostly knew how to approach the ‘shared’ parts (the Chaswassers and horses). As for the ‘new’ parts, I painted the drivers with the same dark skin tone as my Sorcerer Lord, and […]

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Hit and miss

Lock down has been an interesting time for me here in Denmark. First off, it was by far not as severe as it has been in other parts of the world, so there is the relative freedom of being allowed to out and about. But on the other hand, you also want to stay inside […]

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