Dominion bonus round!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some Kruleboyz. I wanted to get some Kruleboyz painted as soon as I got my copy of the Dominion box, so I thought I’d put together an extra post to share them with the world sooner rather than later. #NewAoS, #PaintingWarhammer, #WarhammerCommunity I must admit […]

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I love a good scrap (pile).

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Ardboys and Ork scrap piles. After missing my goal for last year to finish off all of my Ironjawz models, I thought that it’s about time that I got back to my Beast Bashas – having last painted some over two years ago! With them […]

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Path to Glory

Hello again. Summer has been a bit hectic with work and juggling other things, but I have been steadily painting the last few weeks. My main goal has been to round out the Path to Glory warband with another unit of bestigors as well as thinking about how to expand it afterwards. The unit of […]

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Hit and miss

Lock down has been an interesting time for me here in Denmark. First off, it was by far not as severe as it has been in other parts of the world, so there is the relative freedom of being allowed to out and about. But on the other hand, you also want to stay inside […]

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I’ve spent this week preparing for our upcoming Skirmish weekend, getting some last bits of terrain put together and getting the scenarios sorted. And when I say getting the scenarios sorted, I mean copying the rules from the book verbatim and just changing the names and flavour text. So here’s how they’re looking, suitably vague […]

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Were’s your head at?…

Hail, and well met… Progress once more! My Skin Wolves arrived from Forgeworld, and while they enjoy a warm, soapy bath to remove their release agent I’ve been working on their Alpha… While I love the aesthetic of the Skin Wolves, I fancied creating a pack leader who followed the classic werewolf archetype, while still […]

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Arthos of Carnhold, Beast Hunter

~ The tracks in the dark mud were fresh and deep, but a child could have followed the trail the orruk had left, such was the havoc the monster had caused in its rambling course through the forest. Shorn branches and trampled undergrowth lay scattered in its wake. It was obviously lost, for it had […]

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