Paint Schemes & Precious Lore

  As you’re probably aware, we’re starting with Skirmish, with a beginning score of 35 Renown. I think it’s probably worth admitting that over the course of the last week, amendments were (perhaps foolishly) made in a bout of brazen dwarf-lust: Yes, yes, the table is still completely WIP. Shhhhhhh. I’ve been musing over the […]

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Age of Sigmar – Overview

For the first half of 2018, the Council of the Aaronorium voted to appease our various fantastical cravings and focus on Age of Sigmar. (Actually, I think Col made an executive decision, but whatever. It still counts.) Here’s what I’m looking at right now: Our Shattered Dominions board is super-WIP at the moment. It’s going to […]

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