AoS Skirmish Tables

Over the weekend we had some friends over for a day of Skirmish gaming. The latest AoS Skirmish rules recommend a board size of 30″x40″, so I picked up a sheet of 12mm MDF and cut it to size and then textured and painted them up to represent three different biomes. We’ve been thinking about […]

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Making Cork Bark Cliffs and Hills

After finishing off my Chainrasps last week I wanted to do something big and messy to detox from all the fiddly detail painting, and with the weather being so gorgeous it was a great opportunity to get outside and use some grown-up sized tools and paintbrushes. After our skirmish weekend we’d discussed that we’d didn’t […]

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It’s a kind of magic.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing my Realmgates. My Shamans are both very happy with their new Realmgates, and look forward to taking advantage of their magical properties in the battles to come. I really enjoyed painting these, but I’ll be taking a break from terrain for a while now. Whenever […]

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The gate is a lie.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting my Realmgates. They’re not quite finished, but there’s not much left for me to do with them. Duncan’s Baleful Realmgate and Ophidian Archway videos were very helpful in getting these done; so hats off to the man! I followed the Realmgate steps, substituting in the […]

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Putting the grr into Ghur.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been killing a godbeast! Spurred on by some of the artwork in the Ironjawz Battletome, I sought out some inspiration on the internet, and stumbled across this post by Merijn; a very talented, fellow greenskin player. I looked around for some suitable dinosaur skeletons, but they all […]

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Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been looting Realmgates. As planned, I spent some time over the Easter Bank Holidays building terrain. I bought a pair of Realmgates and dedicated one each to what will be my two main factions: Ironjawz and Moonclan Grots. The Realmgates themselves were very easy to put together, […]

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Gate expectations…

Hail, and well met.   First things first. Much like Aaron, I Didn’t Die! Between an avalanche of work and real life commitments, I’ve had a bit of a paucity of time to spend on humble hobby pursuits. To make matters worse, what time I have had was spent in the most labour intensive way.   Allow […]

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Vine and Dandy

Afternoon, folks! I diverged a bit from my intentions at the end of last week, surprise surprise. I got the Kurnoth Hunters finished off as promised, but instead of getting my 40k civvies done (which time is really running short on), I got distracted messing about with scenery instead. I spent the weekend trying to […]

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Charge of the smite brigade…

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Ross’s latest offering – the Kurnoth Hunters – in the flesh (wood? plastic?). I also got to meet Aaron’s Ironjaws. Add to this Colin’s prodigious output of greenskins, and I suddenly realise: I’m pretty heavily outgunned. My single miniature, and her accompanying feathered bodyguards, are fine for […]

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None shall pass!

Hail, and well met. This week I’ve been utterly blown away by the progress of my fellow Aaronoriumites! Although I’ve managed to get my skirmish warband completed I didn’t want to rest on my laurels, and Ross’s Dark AoS/Inq 28 dabbling really put me in the mood to work on something to enhance the narrative […]

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